Modern Contemporary Art By

Patricia Ponciano

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Artist Statement


Even as a young child, I realized I was creating "art," and by my early teens, I began to satisfy my curiosity to learn more by visiting other artists' studios.

Although I studied architecture for 2 years, I felt I needed the freedom and space to use my own imagination and to explore. Soon, I began to incorporate more elements in my paintings, such as movement, physics, and psychology, as well as a consideration of the interactions that might occur between the viewers' perceptions of my art and the art itself.

Over the decades, as my own concepts and processes have evolved, I have enjoyed watching how art lovers have reacted to my paintings. When I see that my art has had an emotional impact on a viewer or has caused them to be curious about the art itself and how it came to be, and I realize that I have touched something important within them, and at those times, I feel deeply moved by the connection that has occurred between the viewer and the artist. Those connections are a big part of what makes art so enjoyable for me.

Being able to draw realistically and draw well are important, but I feel most creative and truly alive when I delve into abstraction and surrealism and play with the forces of space, time, and dimension.

I still have so many paintings to create. I know where I am heading with my work, and I am genuinely enjoying the journey. Art is the tool I use to develop an understanding of humanity's true essence, but most of all, art is my life!

About The Artist

Patricia Ponciano (Portland, Oregon) is a self-taught and internationally known artist whose oil paintings focus on mondern and contemporary themes and subjects. Her works have been collected by discriminating art collectors around the globe.

At the age of six, Patricia Ponciano’s love of the international language of art was first awakened when she stood in front of murals and paintings inside the ruins of “El Casino Del Agua Caliente” in Tijuana, Mexico, where her grandparents lived. The El Casino ruins and related hot springs were part of the Agua Caliente Tourist Complex, which contained the first casino ever built on the North American continent. The complex was formed in the 1920s and attracted many famous visitors, such as Charles Chaplin, Rita Hayworth, and Laurel and Hardy.

Ponciano’s paintings reflect her personal journeys within the realms of spiritual and transcendental consciousness. Her art demonstrates her vibrant love for what she calls “Freedom Form,” depicting the emotion and healing of the soul, through pure movement and color.

To draw the viewer in, Ponciano paints passionately with vivid colors and infuses hidden meaning into each of her paintings. Her art takes the viewer on their own journey, where their inner eye desires to go, and can trigger deep and lasting connections with her work. It is not unusual for viewers to experience meaningful, emotional responses when they are fully engaged and feeling an intimate connection with Ponciano's art.

Fine Arts

XX-XXI Century Mexican - American

All paintings appraised by: Park West

Appraisers Association of America, INC

America Society of Appraisers

By: Daniel Jacobs & Bradley J. Delaney , Ph.D.

All rights reserved by: Artist/Painter Patricia Ponciano. 2018